CEO Top SEA Student Awards 2023

CEO Top SEA Students Awards 2023

Caribbean Gas Chemical Limited (CGCL) awarded the top preforming SEA student from each of the five primary schools within the La Brea community. Each top performer received a scholarship comprising units from the Unit Trust Corporation for their future educational needs and a trophy. The awards were presented by CGCL’s CEO Mr. Pedro Arasa (pictured right in the images below) and CGCL’s Chief Administrative and Strategy Officer Mr. Gota Shimizu (pictured left in the images below) to the following recipients :

Kayla Stewart-Brighton RC Primary School

Savitri Ramdeo-Rousillac Hindu Primary School

Triston Seecharan-Rousillac Presbyterian Primary School

Akia Voison-Vance River Primary School

Renee Sylvester-La Brea RC Primary School

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