Emergency Response Plans and Procedures

As a petrochemical facility, various emergency scenarios are possible. These include fire, explosion, chemical or hydrocarbon release, medical emergencies, security threats and natural disasters.

How CGCL Works to Reduce Incidents

At CGCL, we have sought to address risk and exposure through:

  • State-of-the-art facility design that meets international standards
  • Installation of pressure relief valves
  • Installation of an emergency shutdown system (which allows for the immediate shutdown of the Plant)
  • Installation of fire prevention systems on storage tanks and loading facilities
  • Preventive maintenance checks and testing of all equipment
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Application of an effective Permit to Work system
  • A trained and competent workforce
  • Personnel trained in First Aid, CPR, Medical Responder, Fire Fighting, HAZMAT/Spill Response
  • Adherence to operational procedures and work instructions
  • Fire Protection System (FPS) which consists of a Firewater Supply System (red lines), a Fire Fighting System – hydrants and monitors, foam system and a Fire and Gas Detection System
  • Spill Containment
  • Mutual Aid support via Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Mutual Aid Scheme (TTEMAS)
  • Drills to assess readiness

Emergency Response Plan

Incident Command System

At CGCL, we have developed a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan based on the Incident Command System (ICS). ICS is a standard on-site command and control system used to manage emergency incidents and planned events.

The company’s response shall consist of two teams to manage and provide incident support functions:

  • Incident Management Team (IMT)
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT)

If a community is impacted, residents will hear an undulating wailing siren (20 seconds on, 20 seconds off) for 20 minutes (maximum duration). This signals the need for the community to shelter in place in their homes. Instructions will be communicated to residents via SMS to mobile phones. Stay sheltered until the all-clear signal is sounded, a continuous steady siren for five minutes.


Plant Evacuation
Steady all clear

In the event that a loud explosion is heard, all persons are to remain indoors and stay clear of any windows or glass structures. Residents are required to stay sheltered until the all-clear signal is sounded, a continuous steady siren for five minutes.

A coordinated response will be executed with relevant government agencies and regulatory bodies where required.

Community Incident Response Guide

Emergency Contact Numbers

To report an incident or emergency to CGCL, please use our 24-hour contact numbers.

CGCL Security

460-0041, 225-4242 Ext. 5012






La Brea PoLice Station




Point Fortin fire Services


Emergency Shelters

Sobo Community Centre, Sobo Village, La Brea

Vessigny Community Centre, Vessigny Village, La Brea


Siren Sound

What to do


Wailing Siren
20 seconds on
20 seconds off
10 minutes

Shelter Indoors


Wailing Siren
20 seconds on
20 seconds off
10 minutes

Shelter Indoors
Stay away from windows and glass structures

Smoke/Gaseous Release

Undulating Wailing Siren
10 seconds on
10 seconds off
20 minutes (Maximum Duration)

Evacuate to the closest emergency shelter

Pipeline Spill


Report all spills to CGCL via emergency contact numbers

Depending on the nature of the incident, instructions will also be communicated to residents via SMS to mobile phones. Key community stakeholders will be contacted and asked to assist with communication efforts with respect to additional evacuation measures where required.

When it is safe to return to normal operations, CGCL will sound an all-clear signal – a continuous steady siren for five minutes maximum.

Notification Systems and Response Units

Our trained Emergency Response Team, ambulance and fire truck will respond to emergencies.

Notifications and instructions to staff will be given via the Public Address system for site emergencies. Communities will not be impacted.

The sounding of the Plant Siren signals site-wide evacuation and shelter-in-place for community members.

The community will also be alerted via SMS.

Reporting an Incident?

If you observe an incident, please notify us immediately via telephone.

Contact Security Guard Gate

225-5555 ext. 1234 or 460-5555

What can I report on an emergency Call?

These include but are not limited to:

Offences relating to CGCL’s property such as:

  • Trespassing,
  •  Illegal land occupancy and unauthorised use of utilities (water, lights, etc.)

Offences relating to CGCL’s active and inactive assets such as theft or vandalism of

  • Steel gratings, scrap and other metals
  • Motors, transformers, flowlines, etc.

Personal offences committed at any CGCL site or against any of our personnel such as

  • Kidnapping
  • Threats
  • Assault