Caring about the Well-being of Our Fenceline Communities

Caribbean Gas Chemical Limited (CGCL) ascribes to the World Health Organization’s definition of ‘Community Health’ – providing “the environmental, social, and economic resources to sustain emotional and physical well-being among people.”

By contributing to the well-being of our immediate and fenceline communities, we purposely support their environmental, social, and economic needs while engendering strong and progressive relationships with residents. It is our intent that in the long run, they have the confidence to build or improve their aspirations and bring sustainability to their unique environment.

Through our relationships with the community, we deliver necessary humanitarian relief to families: Hamper drives – to ensure families are well-nourished; Back to School drives – so that the younger members of these communities are properly equipped for class; Christmas treats – as no one should be without a smile during the festive season.

SEA Stress Management Programme

Supporting our community’s children, teachers and parents to develop holistic solutions, in response to stress management. As simple as these actions may be, these offerings are the first steps in cultivating the emotional well-being of a community. As we get to know our communities better and grow our relationships, we will explore other ways to assist in the long-term goal of creating a healthier, more progressive and more developed space for everyone.