SEA Stress Management Virtual Tour

On Thursday 31st March 2022, circa 250 students from within CGCL’s host and fence-line communities sat the Secondary Entrance Assessment, following several months of preparation. Like the hundreds of thousands before them, these students, their parents and teachers know all too well the emotional and physical stresses associated with preparing for this life-changing examination.  Herein is the impetus for CGCL’s continued involvement in the ‘SEA Stress Management Virtual Tour’, an annual educational and stress relieving workshop delivered by the BARCAM company for the past 6 years.  This year’s tour was delivered over a 7-day period 18th- 28th March 2022 

Beneficiaries of the program included Standard Five teachers, parents and two hundred and four (204) students from the five (5) primary schools “Rousillac Hindu School, Rousillac Presbyterian School, Brighton A.C School, La Brea Roman Catholic School and Vance River Roman Catholic primary schools. 

This programme has become a staple under CGCL’s CSR Pillar of Education as the workshop continues to provide an avenue for students to identify and cope with the various stressors related to the exams and learn and master techniques for dealing with anxiety, under the guidance of the tour facilitators.

The sessions stimulated a full range of emotions from laughter to tears, even anger, and parents were often reminded of the pressures that their children faced as well as their emotional and physiological responses to these stresses in the lead-up to the examination.  

To our community students as well as the children of our CGCL colleagues sitting the 2022 SEA Examination, we wish you all the best and look forward to celebrating your success in the coming months.

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